First loot: Figma Akiyama Mio and Nakano Azusa!

Hello everyone! First loot, first blog post!

Today I’ll show you guys my first two figmas Akiyama Mio and Nakano Azusa. I’ve bought these two figures on Jungle. The figures are from the famous K-ON! series. My favorite characters from the series are Mio, Azusa and Yui. So when I saw Mio and Azusa on Jungle, I had to get them! I’ll give you a short review of their website.


Jungle is a physical store in Osaka Japan and also had a website where they ship worldwide! They have a lot of figures on their website for sale, if you can’t find a figure on Mandarake you might need to check this website. Jungle sells pre-owned items and labels them with SEALED, A or B. A means that the item is new and only the outer box is opened, B means that the item has been removed from the package. I bought two sealed figures, somehow I refuse to buy opened boxes. For shipping they offer SAL and EMS. I went with SAL and my items arrived in 1,5 week. So far I think that this website is pretty nice if you just can’t find the figures you need on other pre-owned selling websites. Why? Jungle charges 5% handling fee on all their orders. Also I noticed that their prices are slightly higher than for example Mandarake items. So I think Jungle is more expensive than Mandarake. Overall this website is not too bad, just grab items you really can’t find on other websites and you’ll feel satisfied.

Akiyama Mio
Mio comes with her famous ‘moe moe’ faces (I wish I could give her a maid oufit..), which are probably my favorite things from this figure. She also comes with her bass and the bass cover. Besides her normal shoes, she also comes with her school uniform shoes. Those shoes are ridiculously hard to put on! Also the string to make her wear her bass was so difficult to put on, luckily in the end I somehow was able to string the string to the bass.

IMG_4509 IMG_4518_edited IMG_4533_small_edited IMG_4551

I just had to pose her like this. This is my favorite face of her, cute little blushies and oh so innocent!

Nakano Azusa
Azu-nyan comes with her kitty ears! What would she be without her kitty ears anyway.. She also has 2 different faces to wear a ‘go for it!’ one and a ‘nyaa’ one. Of course she also came with her guitar and her guitar cover. But the best thing of this figure is that I could fully pose her kittiness. She even came with her ‘paw’ hands.

IMG_4511 IMG_4524_edited IMG_4530_edited IMG_4557

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post! Be patient and stay curious for more!

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