Loot: Kirito GGO FuRyu figure

Hello everyone! Tonight I will review Kirito! Kirito is from the famous Sword Art Online series, I did not get the dual sword wielding Kirito. Instead I got the special figure Kirito GGO FuRyu figure. I’ve had been looking for him for a few weeks. He popped up a several times on Mandarake, but everytime I tried to buy him, he was sold out. So, I went with the last resort: Ebay. He was slightly more pricey on Ebay than on Mandarake, but the shipping was free so it compensated. Here’s a link to the Ebay seller, he has a quite a lot nice figures for sale as well (and also a lot, seriously a lot doujinshi). Kirito Now onto the review. Kirito!!! IMG_4738_edited  IMG_4739 Somehow I really, really love the box. It’s minimal, but at the same time very futuristic. It’s a single statue with a very basic base. He also comes with his amazing “photon” sword, I prefer to call it a lightsaber.IMG_4741IMG_4749 I really enjoy the quality of his flowing cape. It gives the figure a very dynamic pose, while of course, he is standing still. Also, notice is handgun. Though it’s really small, it gives the figure a powerful pose. Unfortunately, I had to get the figure with bad painting. His belt is horribly done, you can see the belt’s paint on his coat. I didn’t notice it until I made a few close-ups of him. So I think it doesn’t bother me that much. IMG_4746  IMG_4762 We also have to discuss his hair. Even though Kirito is much hated or loved for his girly looks in GGO, I really like his long hair on this figure. In the anime it’s really straight and it would do flowy hair things during action scenes. As you can see, Kirito’s hair flows well on this figure. You can feel the action from looking at his hair. IMG_4760_editedIMG_4696Overall conclusion: well done FurYu. Amazing figure, great quality, painting could have been better. I hope you guys liked my Kirito review. Be patient and stay curious for more! MFC | MALTumblr

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