Laundry looting: Black & white sweaters and totes!

Hello everyone, the last 2 months I’ve only bought black and white stuff. I’m too lazy to dress up during the winter season, so I tend to pick up easy, comfy clothing. I’ve been calling it laundry looting, because I show of the items in the laundry room. (Because the light is so nice there, lol!)

We’ll start of with 2 thick sweaters.


This sweater is from Kyc Vintage. It’s actually a men’s clothing site, but you know sweaters are a unisex thing so why not. They have really cool items in their store and everything has a really low price. I snatched this sweater in size S for $8.

IMG_4899 IMG_4900
Apparently the text on the sleeve says “Tokyo City”. Now you know the kanji of Tokyo, lol.

The next sweater is from Urban Outfitters. I bought this one in-store in the sale section somewhere. My boyfriend thought it looked really cool on me, so why not. It was only €25 anyway. I haven’t seen the sweater online, so I’m glad I went to the store instead of shopping online during the sale.


The next shirt is also from Urban Oufitters. This shirt is actually really trippy if you stare at it too long. It had a nice low turtleneck and unfortunately croppes sleeves. I’m not a fan of cropped sleeves, because I love to stretch my sleeves over my hands. This item was also from the sale section, because I can’t get enough of sales. I need more discount!

An last, 2 tote bags! Left is the moon girl tote bag from OMOCAT. She’s an amazing artists and sells here art printed on cute shirts and as you can see a tote bag! Be quick if you find something cute in the store, because it sells out quite quickly. Left is a tote bag I got as a birthday gift from my friend. Well, actually the gift itself was the pig in the middle of the bag. It was a pillow pig head and it came with this tote bag. It’s slightly bigger than the moon girl tote, so it’s easy to pick which one I need to choose in certain situations.

IMG_4910 IMG_4912

And last, here are a few pictures of me matching my tops with whatever I like to wear.




IMG_4937_edited_edited IMG_4941_edited_edited

The last outfit is probably my favorite ୧ʕ ◕ o ◕ ʔ୨. Yes, these outfits aren’t really for the winter season, they look more like spring season outfits. I was just too lazy to put on knee socks and tights and a big cardigan. Be patient and stay curious for more!

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