Loot: FuRyu GGO special figure Sinon!

Hello everyone! Today we’ll be looking at FuRyu GGO special figure Sinon! She’s my second favorite female character from Sword Art Online (Asuna was there first, so yeah). I totally fell in love with her. FYI, I also pre-ordered Sinon’s nendoroid and figma, I just can’t get enough of her! I was able to order her from Mandarake for only 1500 jpy. She was sold out everytime I tried to order her and Ebay was absolutely a no-go (they all listed her for around $60). Finally when I was able to put her in my cart and had to wait for the in-voice, I actually hoped that she would get canceled. Because I checked MFC and her face is a bit off, she looked really bored. But she wasn’t canceled, so I got her anyway!

Let’s have a look at her box. She came in the same box as FuRyu GGO Kirito did, the only difference is: her box is blue, Kirito his box is black. Again, I love the minimalistisc, futuristic style of this box.


I still think her face is a bit off, but ohhhh look at that scarf, look at her outfit! She just wants to make me cosplay her. Her blue innocent eyes, I love her. And that sniper, it is so badass!




IMG_4793Her painting is not too bad, it’s not the best because there are a few flaws. But that’s okay, she’s better done than Kirito.
IMG_4869 IMG_4887IMG_4877 IMG_4882
IMG_4893As you can see I took her out for a little shoot. I also tried to pose her differently with her Hecate 2 sniper, which slightly fails because she can’t put the sniper properly in her hand. And that was all for today!

Be patient and stay curious for more!

MFC | MALTumblr

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