Loot: FuRyu Undine special figure Asuna!

Hello guys!
Today I will show you FuRyu’s Undine Asuna! She was just as difficult to get as FuRyu GGO Kirito, everytime I saw her popping up on Mandarake I was too late. I was already checking Ebay, but the prices were higher than Mandarake. And this time I finally had her. She was only 1,500 jpy and I will spoil already: it’s definitely worth the money.

First we’ll take a look at the box. It’s as blue as Asuna’s hair from Alfheim Online. It’s a really cute and majestic box. It feels like we’re looking into a window that will take us into Alfheim Online. The box was bigger than I had expected as well.

IMG_4781 IMG_4783 IMG_4786IMG_4784

Let’s have a look at her in the blister. She comes with a base and a weird looking stick that would hold her leg.
IMG_4788And finally, Asuna unpacked!
Her front: she’s just looks gorgeous and it looks like she’s inviting us on a flight to a sparkly, sparkly, beautiful place. Or maybe she’s just inviting Kirito and Yui.

“Kirito-kun, take my hand and fly away with me.”

That’s probably how sculpting this figure went. But seriously, this figure is super gorgeous. I’m so happy to have her.

IMG_4804 IMG_4807 IMG_4964 IMG_4967 IMG_4969  Painting flaws? Well, I think they did a great job for such a cheap figure.IMG_4972 IMG_4973 IMG_4974
A close up of how her wings are attached to her back, doesn’t really look nice. But who cares about that! Also a close up of her cute little boots.
IMG_4978 IMG_4979
Ahh, there she goes. Flying to the moon. That was all folks! I hope you enjoyed the ride with Asuna through not so Alfheim Online. I hope this review was useful!

Be patient and stay curious for more!

MFC | MALTumblr


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