Music: BANKS live concert at Paradiso Amsterdam

Hello everyone! Today I’ll post about a total new subject: music. Less than a month ago I visited BANKS’ concert in Amsterdam. She’s a (female, people tend to think she’s a male because of her name I guess) singer from Los Angeles. One day I stumbled upon her Soundcloud and I fell in love with her songs. I couldn’t wait for her new songs, all her songs were on replay for a month or 2 maybe even 3. At some point I a kind of forgot about her, because I found new music to listen to. Even when her album Goddess dropped, I wasn’t as excited for her music anymore as before. I didn’t even listen to the album in the end. But my friend told me that she was doing a tour and she would visit Amsterdam as well. At that point I got totally excited again, but I still hadn’t listened to her new album. On november the 15th (the day of the concert) I was on the bus on my way to the concert and I gave her album a try. There were songs I already knew, so I skipped those for the new ones. A few songs were very nice, but I still wasn’t convinced.

After the concert..

Duuuuuude, first of all she was just so amazing! Second, I’m not doubting her album anymore. I’m loving almost every song now and I still listen to her album. BANKS started the concert with hesitation and you could see that she was nervous. But when she started to feel more comfortable on stage she sang live perfectly.

Have you heard BANKS’ music before? If you haven’t click play before scrolling down! And if you already know her music, click play anyway because then you’ll feel the feel. ♪♪v(⌒o⌒)v♪♪

BANKS1BANKS3BANKS4BANKS2BANKS5BANKS6BANKS7BANKS8I recorded her with my camera and turned a few videos into GIFs, it’s the first time that I tried to make GIFs. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Be patient and stay curious for more!

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