Loot: Strength (Black Rock Shooter) Figma and Hirasawa Yui (K-ON!) prize figure!

Goodevening everyone!
Today I will talk about a package I received a month ago. Two figures arrived and they are totally the opposite of eachother. One is a badass, insane girl and the other is the most adorable, childish girl you’ll have ever seen (if you have seen the anime of course, the figure made her look somewhat mature). Here’s a picture of the box the girls had arrived in.


Let me introduce you to Strength from Black Rock Shooter. Strength is from another dimension, she has amazing fists called Ogre Fists. She wears an adorable little black dress and has white/grey short hair. She was one of the first figures I came across online, it was at the same time while I was watching Black Rock Shooter. I thought she was so badass, I really wanted to have her. While looking for her I found out about Amiami. I thought it was weird to order a toy, I was used to ordering clothes! So time passed and I came back to figures. Now she is in my possesion, now I’m on the hunt for the rest of the cast! This is the box she came in:

IMG_4834_editedIMG_4835_edited IMG_4836_editedThis box was bigger than my other two Figma boxes, which was a kind of expected. She comes with a lot of stuff!
IMG_4850_editedStrength comes with a total of 3 faces, a pair of Ogre Fists and a set of hands and a lot of stuff to attach to the Ogre Fists.
IMG_4991_edited IMG_4998_edited
A set of pictures, with and without her hood. Also two different faces, left is a smiling, slightly insane face and on the right is (at least to me) an evil laughing face.
IMG_4997_edited IMG_4996_edited
A close up of her shoes (sneakers maybe, really cool sneakers) and a close up of her scorpion-like tail. The articulation of the tail is very nice, you can move a lot of joints.
IMG_4986 IMG_4990_editedAhhhhhh, those massive hands! So many positions, I can’t pick how to pose her. Even her hands articulate very well, every finger can move.
IMG_5028_edited IMG_5007_edited IMG_4988_editedIMG_5009_editedAnother close up of her face and on the left is her 3rd face plate, a neutral face.IMG_5016_edited IMG_5020_edited IMG_5003_edited

My favorite shot of her.

Hirasawa Yui
Yui-chaaaaaaaaan. This is one of the cutest Yui figures around the place. It shows her adorable personality in a summer breeze (when you see the figure you’ll understand). Pictures of the box below!
IMG_4831_edited   IMG_4832_edited IMG_4833_editedHer umbrella was really hard to put on. Actually, it was easy to stick the umbrella in her hands, but the upper part just wouldn’t get in deep enough so it wouldn’t drop off. So I just let it lean on her shoulder so it doesn’t drop.
IMG_4839_edited IMG_4842_edited IMG_4845_editedShe is totally adorable! Lots of details on her dress as well on her umbrella. She’s a really nice figure for a prize figure with a small price tag.

IMG_4844_edited IMG_4847_edited  IMG_4849_edited
Cute ribbon on the back of her dress as well. And look at the flowiness of her dress! This was the summer breeze I was talking about.

That was all for today! Be patient and stay curious for more!

MFC | MALTumblr


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