Loot: My first Nendoroid, #452 Sinon!

Hello guys!

It has been a little while, seems like the winter season is a busy one! There’s lots of stuff to do (especially in Guild Wars 2). Today I’ll be chatting a little bit about one of my most favorite characters ever, Sinon! I already own a prize figure of her and I couldn’t stop myself from getting a cute chibi version of Sinon. I present to you.. Nendoroid Sinon from GoodSmileCompany!

IMG_5109_small_edited_wmIsn’t she adorable? She doesn’t look really look comfortable in that blister. But before we take her out. Let’s go around the box!

IMG_5108_small_edited_wm IMG_5107_small_edited_wm
4 different poses on the sides and a see-through but not so see-through window. All we can see are the blisters! I’m really liking these poses, especially the blushie one.

IMG_5110_small_edited_wmAnd on the back the same pose as the front and two poses we had seen on the sides already. Time to take her out!

Now what accessories does Sinon come with? First of all her blushie face, several hand gestures which includes 2 hands holding a handgun, open hands, hands to hold Hecate II and the hands she’s using right now, a leg to make an extra dynamic pose, a flame burst effect, a second scarf for a specific pose and a transparent holder thingy for that same specific pose. Which pose is it? The sniping pose!

I didn’t take pictures of her when I took her out of the blister, sumimasen! I’ll just explain a few details here. Her scarf is move-able and you can take it off. On her back she has a handgun sticking onto her belt, which is also removable. You can also take the standard off Hecate II, which was slightly obvious as the box was showing Hecate II without the standard as well!

Today there was finally a little bit of snow and somehow I noticed a small beanie in the house. So you can guess what happened next..

IMG_5242_small_edited_wm IMG_5236_smalld_edited_wm IMG_5238_small_edited_wm
The small cat next to Sinon is from the Nendoroid More: Nendoroid After Parts part 2 set! I’ll probably make a post about the Nendoroid After Parts set, since I got both of them early in December (and I didn’t even own a Nendoroid yet!).

I hope you guys liked this post! Be patient and stay curious for more!

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2 thoughts on “Loot: My first Nendoroid, #452 Sinon!

  1. ~[NEKO T.R.3N.D]~

    Nice photos comrade) Perfect background) And Especially Sinon’s hat! She is adorable in ti! Now want to get this hat for mine Sinon too :3 A++++++++


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