Loot: FuRyu Kuubo Wo-Kyuu (Wo Class) from Kantai Collection!

Hello everyone!
Today we’ll be looking at FuRyu’s Wo Class figure. Wo Class is from the enemy fleet of the Kantai Collection browser game (also has an anime adaptation!). She has a very interesting and unique design, so I decided a few days before her release to pick her up! Even though I’ve also ordered a scale version of her (Good Smile Company’s Wo Class), I just want more Wo Class!

Wo Class
She’s only 19 cm tall (including her base) and she was released the 26th of February. Wo Class often pops up for around ¥1500 – ¥2000 on second-hand websites if you decide to pick her up!



This is what her box looks like. It was way bigger than I expected, her blister is very wide because of her crazy hat. On both sides on the box you can see her name, what she is and where she comes from. On the back is a picture of her official art, seems like her hat needs to be even bigger!

Wo-Class-6      Wo-Class-7
Looking comfy in the blister. 2 head parts which need to be stuck in her hat and a simple, actually quite small (for a prize figure), black base.

There she goes, a 360 view! I didn’t put her head pieces in yet because it was easier to photograph certain parts.


Wo-Class-14      Wo-Class-9

Wo-Class-10      Wo-Class-11


This is probably one of my favorite pictures. Her amazing tech-looking headpiece has amazing details on the back. And the way her cape is sculpted is very pretty, they may have overdid the sculpting of the cape at the top. Nevertheless, I really like it.


We’ll start the review from bottom to top! Starting with her shoes…


There were 2 obvious scuffs on her shoes, I guess feet will never get more love… The big stand under her shoes isn’t really good-looking, but certainly necessary because of her weight. Otherwise she would have been a leaner.


This is one of the things I had noticed first: why does it look like her female underneath is placed too high? It looks rather awkward, though her pants fit her really low it still doesn’t look like a normal body.


This picture was slightly difficult to take because of her cape. But there is a noticeable scratch on her hip. It’s very noticeable because it’s so white and her legs are dark blue/black-ish. I noticed the obvious seem line while taking this picture. Doesn’t look so pretty.


Her other side looks way better and she’s holding her (grandma) stick! The way her glove looks ripped open is very cool.


Eh, that scratch though. Why right there, why not on the back of her body.


This picture shows the paint job of her teeth turtleneck. It’s pretty messy. I guess somebody needs to visit a dentist. Still it looks really cool, I just can’t get over her character design.


Time for her (ahhh) amazing cape.


Or maybe not so amazing cape, but a little scratch like that cannot bother my cape enjoyment!


She’s holding her cape a kind of weird. It would have been better if a little bit of cloth had stuck out of her hand on the front side


And here we can see her beautifully, detailed head! It looks amazing.


Her beauty in full glory!

Wo-Class-24      Wo-Class-23



You can even take a look at her neck.

Wo-Class-29      Wo-Class-30


And finally multiple shots of her face to enjoy her beauty.


It was probably my first time featuring 30 pictures in one post, never posted that many in one post! And yes, I’ve actually counted the amount of pictures I used (or at least, I think it’s 30).

Be patient and stay curious for more!

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