Review: Nagato Figma #232


Hello everyone! Figma number 232 from Max Factory arrived last week, her name is Nagato and she is a battleship from Kantai Collection. She’s the secretary ship and therefore she is totally badass, although it seems she has a weakness for squirrels..


Comfortably in her box, waiting for me to get her out. Her box has the same size as Figma Akagi slightly wide and small from the sides.

Nagato-3 Nagato-4      Nagato-5 Nagato-6      Nagato-7

The back of the box, the sides and the top and bottom of the box show various ways to pose Nagato.

Nagato-8 Nagato-9

It seems like she broke a foot on her way (not really, but look how the foot is bend). She comes with her big armament which is cut into 3 pieces, 2 alternate faces (which I forgot to take pictures of), a manual, base and extra hands (which I also forgot to take a picture of).


Nagato fully assembled! The water effects are from Figma Haruka Nanase. Let’s get into some details.. Let’s start with her massive armament!


You can actually move her canons up and down and the guns as well. You can also move the upper guns, but I don’t think you can move the canon there I did try to turn the canon around, but it didn’t move at all.


The details are amazing as expected from Max Factory.


As you can see from the joints, you can move the left and right side from the armament.



Even the detail on the inner parts are just stunning! The wooden part looks so good. Next we’ll take a look at her outfit.


Feet first! Ouch, this is probably the only big paint transfer on Nagato. I do totally love the design of the shoes. Her socks are painted very well.


Her anchor garters look great as well. Unfortunate seam line on the front of her skirt.


That body. Her skirt has nice pleats. The paint job on her top is rather meh, the same is with her arms.




A picture of her butt. Her buttline is rather high comparing to her butt under her skirt.


This is how the base is attached to the armament! Next up is her antenna!


Her hair is done great. Her hair is attached with two joints, so you can play with that. Seems like there is a weird black blob on her hair. I literally noticed that now.


They probably took their time on the antenna, because there is a lot of detail in it.



Extra! A cropped picture of her alternate faces, a soft smiling Nagato and a rather you name it Nagato.


Another extra! Nagamon!

Thank you for reading, I still have some pictures from Akagi and Sinon, I should hurry and post them too!

MFC | MALTumblr


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