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Nendoroid Eli, Nozomi & Nico training outfit version!


It has been a while since I’ve visited my own blog. But I find it hard to share my pictures somewhere, so I decided to post them here again.


I’ve received the last 3 Love Live Nendoroid training outfit version last month. And with this I have all 9 Love Live Nendoroids. Playing with all 9 of them led me to the conclusion that Nico is definitely the most fun out of all of them. I love how all 9 Nendoroids come with different types of accessories (except Eli, she just has a hair piece). The second awesome thing about these Nendoroids is that they are perfect for photography, because they can be posed in so many ways together. Now if I only had a cute diorama, I would take more pictures. Therefore I’ll try to make one, so I can get more into figure photography. Besides photography, I had decided to make videos of my figures. They’re all up on my Youtube channel and the next video is already in the making!

Here’s the review of Eli, Nozomi and Nico. Enjoy!


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Loot: FuRyu Kuubo Wo-Kyuu (Wo Class) from Kantai Collection!

Hello everyone!
Today we’ll be looking at FuRyu’s Wo Class figure. Wo Class is from the enemy fleet of the Kantai Collection browser game (also has an anime adaptation!). She has a very interesting and unique design, so I decided a few days before her release to pick her up! Even though I’ve also ordered a scale version of her (Good Smile Company’s Wo Class), I just want more Wo Class!

Wo Class
She’s only 19 cm tall (including her base) and she was released the 26th of February. Wo Class often pops up for around ¥1500 – ¥2000 on second-hand websites if you decide to pick her up!

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Loot: Nendoroid More After Parts part 1 and part 2!

Hello everyone! (Somehow the pictures ended up looking crappy, click on the pictures if you want to see the picture in high quality!)
Today I’m going to show you an extra set to dress up your Nendoroids. They’re called Nendoroid More After Parts, there were 2 sets available and I’ve bought both! The sets were fairly cheap in my opinion and they were definitely worth it. It was a lot of fun to dress up my Nendoroids and give them a different look than they’d normally have.

This is what the boxes look like.
IMG_5112_small_edited IMG_5111_small_edited

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Loot: Nendoroid #204 Menma!

Hello everyone!

It has been a few days since I’ve posted something. But I finally found time to represent to you guys an adorable little girl from Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (no Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai). I’ve ordered a lot from the Good Smile Company brand. With Sinon and Menma I have several other GSC pre-orders waiting. Unfortunately, all 3 pre-orders from late February are delayed! We’ll see Nagato (Kantai Collection), Sinon (Sword Art Online II) and Wo Class (Kantai Collection) in a few months. I’m trying to hunt down the Wo Class Nendoroid for this month, because I really want her!

Now back to the special girl that we’ll look at today. I did  try something new, called a video review. You can watch it here if you prefer a video of Menma!

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Loot: My first Nendoroid, #452 Sinon!

Hello guys!

It has been a little while, seems like the winter season is a busy one! There’s lots of stuff to do (especially in Guild Wars 2). Today I’ll be chatting a little bit about one of my most favorite characters ever, Sinon! I already own a prize figure of her and I couldn’t stop myself from getting a cute chibi version of Sinon. I present to you.. Nendoroid Sinon from GoodSmileCompany!

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Loot: Strength (Black Rock Shooter) Figma and Hirasawa Yui (K-ON!) prize figure!

Goodevening everyone!
Today I will talk about a package I received a month ago. Two figures arrived and they are totally the opposite of eachother. One is a badass, insane girl and the other is the most adorable, childish girl you’ll have ever seen (if you have seen the anime of course, the figure made her look somewhat mature). Here’s a picture of the box the girls had arrived in.

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Loot: FuRyu Undine special figure Asuna!

Hello guys!
Today I will show you FuRyu’s Undine Asuna! She was just as difficult to get as FuRyu GGO Kirito, everytime I saw her popping up on Mandarake I was too late. I was already checking Ebay, but the prices were higher than Mandarake. And this time I finally had her. She was only 1,500 jpy and I will spoil already: it’s definitely worth the money.

First we’ll take a look at the box. It’s as blue as Asuna’s hair from Alfheim Online. It’s a really cute and majestic box. It feels like we’re looking into a window that will take us into Alfheim Online. The box was bigger than I had expected as well.

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