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Music: BANKS live concert at Paradiso Amsterdam

Hello everyone! Today I’ll post about a total new subject: music. Less than a month ago I visited BANKS’ concert in Amsterdam. She’s a (female, people tend to think she’s a male because of her name I guess) singer from Los Angeles. One day I stumbled upon her Soundcloud and I fell in love with her songs. I couldn’t wait for her new songs, all her songs were on replay for a month or 2 maybe even 3. At some point I a kind of forgot about her, because I found new music to listen to. Even when her album Goddess dropped, I wasn’t as excited for her music anymore as before. I didn’t even listen to the album in the end. But my friend told me that she was doing a tour and she would visit Amsterdam as well. At that point I got totally excited again, but I still hadn’t listened to her new album. On november the 15th (the day of the concert) I was on the bus on my way to the concert and I gave her album a try. There were songs I already knew, so I skipped those for the new ones. A few songs were very nice, but I still wasn’t convinced.

After the concert..

Duuuuuude, first of all she was just so amazing! Second, I’m not doubting her album anymore. I’m loving almost every song now and I still listen to her album. BANKS started the concert with hesitation and you could see that she was nervous. But when she started to feel more comfortable on stage¬†she sang live perfectly.

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