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Loot: FuRyu Kuubo Wo-Kyuu (Wo Class) from Kantai Collection!

Hello everyone!
Today we’ll be looking at FuRyu’s Wo Class figure. Wo Class is from the enemy fleet of the Kantai Collection browser game (also has an anime adaptation!). She has a very interesting and unique design, so I decided a few days before her release to pick her up! Even though I’ve also ordered a scale version of her (Good Smile Company’s Wo Class), I just want more Wo Class!

Wo Class
She’s only 19 cm tall (including her base) and she was released the 26th of February. Wo Class often pops up for around ¥1500 – ¥2000 on second-hand websites if you decide to pick her up!

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Loot: FuRyu Undine special figure Asuna!

Hello guys!
Today I will show you FuRyu’s Undine Asuna! She was just as difficult to get as FuRyu GGO Kirito, everytime I saw her popping up on Mandarake I was too late. I was already checking Ebay, but the prices were higher than Mandarake. And this time I finally had her. She was only 1,500 jpy and I will spoil already: it’s definitely worth the money.

First we’ll take a look at the box. It’s as blue as Asuna’s hair from Alfheim Online. It’s a really cute and majestic box. It feels like we’re looking into a window that will take us into Alfheim Online. The box was bigger than I had expected as well.

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Loot: Kirito GGO FuRyu figure

Hello everyone! Tonight I will review Kirito! Kirito is from the famous Sword Art Online series, I did not get the dual sword wielding Kirito. Instead I got the special figure Kirito GGO FuRyu figure. I’ve had been looking for him for a few weeks. He popped up a several times on Mandarake, but everytime I tried to buy him, he was sold out. So, I went with the last resort: Ebay. He was slightly more pricey on Ebay than on Mandarake, but the shipping was free so it compensated. Here’s a link to the Ebay seller, he has a quite a lot nice figures for sale as well (and also a lot, seriously a lot doujinshi). Kirito Now onto the review. Kirito!!! IMG_4738_edited Continue reading