Loot: Nendoroid More After Parts part 1 and part 2!

Hello everyone! (Somehow the pictures ended up looking crappy, click on the pictures if you want to see the picture in high quality!)
Today I’m going to show you an extra set to dress up your Nendoroids. They’re called Nendoroid More After Parts, there were 2 sets available and I’ve bought both! The sets were fairly cheap in my opinion and they were definitely worth it. It was a lot of fun to dress up my Nendoroids and give them a different look than they’d normally have.

This is what the boxes look like.
IMG_5112_small_edited IMG_5111_small_edited

IMG_5113_small_editedNow you probably have an idea what I’m talking about. Giving your favorite characters bunny ears or devil horns is fun, it really is, I’m not kidding. I felt like a child while dressing up my Nendoroids, but I guess that’s a happy thought.

IMG_5253_small_edited_wm IMG_5252_small_edited_wmAnd here are the instructions and all the items that should be in the box, I’m bad at explaining how things work. But you can see how it works, looks fairly easy right? As you can see, there are two ways to add the wings to you Nendoroid. At first I didn’t see the point of using option where you have to attach the wing onto the stand with an attaching thing, I thought option 1 was more logical. But you’ll find out soon why there was an option 2.. The cat tail is differently attached to the body than the bunny tail.

IMG_5257_small_edited_wm IMG_5255_small_edited_wm
I lied out all the stuffs that was inside the plastic bags. I didn’t show all the transparent things, because they’re so fragile and small and I lose things very quickly. Those big bases are really nice.

Nendoroid More After Parts 01IMG_5260_small_edited_wm

Angelic Menma and Devilish Sinon!
It’s fun to decorate them both and use both the bases from both sets. I’ve had no issues with dressing up the girls. Except the thing I’ve mentioned before.. Why is there a 2nd option to attach the wings to the stand? Well, I’ve just had the perfect nendoroid to practice it on. Menma doesn’t have a hole in her back, so there’s not way I could peg in the wings. Therefore I had to use the extra thing to attach the wings to the stand. Now my only problem is that I can’t get the thing off anymore. I’ll use my superpower to take it off one day, but for now it’s not necessary.

IMG_5270_edited_small_wm IMG_5272_small_edited_small IMG_5274_small_edited_wmIMG_5273_small_edited_wmIMG_5282_small_edited_wmShe looks even better and even more dangerous when you Photoshop the stands away! I should create a dark scenery with this pose one day..

IMG_5261_small_edited_wm IMG_5264_small_edited_wm IMG_5266_small_edited_wmIMG_5265_small_edited_wmIMG_5267_small_edited_wmAhh, isn’t she looking peaceful? On to the next part!

Nendoroid More After Parts 02

Usagi Menma and neko Sinon!
Well, well spring is in the air! But not really. Sinon’s face is just perfect for this dress-up! Her tail is looking weird though. But that’s okay, I guess I have to cut the plastic, transparent thingy shorter. Now let’s get back to Menma’s issues. Sinon’s tail goes between her upper and lower body, Menma only has one body. So actually the bunny tail will fit nice on her butt. The bunny tail is adhesive, but you get only 2 extra adhesive stickers! I can’t handle things that are temporary, so I probably won’t use them ever.

IMG_5298_small-edited_wm  IMG_5301_small_wm IMG_5303_small_wmIMG_5302_small_edited_wmIMG_5299_small_edited_wm Menma is just so cute, I just can’t handle it. Her little sparkly eyes and her bunny ears, it all fits perfectly.

IMG_5286_small_wm IMG_5292_small_wm   IMG_5294_small_wm IMG_5293_small_wm IMG_5296_small_wm IMG_5287_small_edited_wmSinon isn’t comfortable yet with her extra cuteness.

I hope you guys liked this post! Be patient and stay curious for more!

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